X Ambassadors Get Soulful On ‘Everything Sounds Like A Love Song’

Peter Stavros

X Ambassadors have put out their first song of 2020. ‘Everything Sounds Like A Love Song’ is the name of the track – wow what a bunch of heartbroken romantics. It describes the kind of feelings you get when that special someone is no longer in your life.


‘It’s song about missing the love of your life,’ frontman Sam Harris said. ‘When everything you see, hear, and smell reminds you of them, and how painful it can be witnessing beauty when your heart is broken. Like the universe is just playing tricks on you.’

It definitely feels like a bit of a turn from their previous work. If you don’t like it, then you won’t like what’s coming. This is a taste of the kind of music featured on their upcoming EP: Belong.

‘With this song, we pay homage to some of our favorite artists,” Sam said. “Aretha, Marvin GayeRay CharlesJoe CockerThe BandThe Staples Singers — all of whom inspired the sound direction for Belong.’


Give ‘Everything Sounds Like A Love Song’ a listen below. Their EP, Belong, is out March 6.

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