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Watch Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande In Music Video For ‘Rain On Me’

Lady Gaga Ariana Grande Rain On Me

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Ariana Grande for what surely qualifies as bop of the year in the dance-heavy ‘Rain On Me.’ It serves as the second single from Gaga’s upcoming sixth studio album Chromatica, which is due next week on May 29.

‘I’d rather be dry but at least I’m alive, rain on me, rain rain,’ they sing. ‘I can feel it in my skin, it’s coming down on me, teardrops on my face, water like misery.’

Gaga described working with Grande as wonderful, and explained how they ended up becoming friends.

‘She was so wonderful and I think that maybe she assumed that she was gonna come in and I would be like ‘here, just sing this and thank you so much for your time’ right,’ Gaga said. ‘But instead I asked her what she needed, how she wanted to do things. I told her, ‘now everything you care about when you sing, I want you to forget it and just sing. And while you do it, I’m gonna dance in front of you.”

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She added that “when she came to the studio I was still crying, she came up to me and said, ‘You’re gonna be alright, call me, here’s my number’, and she was very persistent, she tried being friends with me so many times. But I was very ashamed, I didn’t want to project all that negativity onto her. Then she came up to me and said ‘you’re hiding’, and I said ‘yeah, you’re right, I’m absolutely hiding’, and that’s where our friendship blossomed.’

This is one of three collaborations that appear on Chromatica. BLACKPINK help out Gaga in a song called ‘Sour Candy’ and Gaga’s longtime friend Elton John appears on a song called ‘Sine From Above.’

Listen to ‘Rain On Me’ by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande below! The music video will be posted here tomorrow at 1pm eastern time.

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