Watch Justin Bieber’s Performances Of ‘Lonely,’ ‘Holy’ On VEVO

Justin Bieber just dropped his VEVO live performances of ‘Lonely’ and ‘Holy.’ He had previously uploaded a live performance of ‘Anyone.’

The singer is seen reflecting on life while seeing his actual reflection on a puddle near his feet. The performance was shot in the middle of nowhere in between some hills in Los Angeles. The song is described as the way Bieber ‘pondered the tribulations of a life spent in the spotlight.’

In his performance of ‘Holy,’ Bieber appears in a more wooded area of the same place. He is now joined by his band and a bunch of random red reflective hexahedrons for the more lively performance. The song is described as having ‘magnified Justin’s personal faith, comparing it with the comfort of intimacy.’

Both songs are featured on his latest album Justice – which debuted at number one the Billboard Hot 200 this week. The album signals his ‘more spiritual and self-reflective concerns.’

Peter Stavros

Peter is the creator and editor of Bops And Bangers.