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Watch Harry Styles’s Joyful Cover Of ‘Big Yellow Taxi’

Watch Harry Styles’s Joyful Cover Of ‘Big Yellow Taxi’

Peter Stavros

Everytime I see Harry Styles, I imagine cartoony pink hearts palpitating over my two eyes and a rather embarrassing smile on my dumb face. Just tunnel vision focused right on his facial features as his voice soothes over the ambient music regardless if it’s one of his monumental pop-rock songs or a merry cover of Joni Mitchell’s folky hit ‘Big Yellow Taxi.’

Styles brought his style and glamour (red nail polish and all) to BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast show: Valentine’s edition. With a trio of talented musicians and backup vocalists, Harry effortlessly breezed through the song. He had the other people in the room singing and dancing along, even amusing them with the classic laugh at the end similar to what Mitchell does in the original song.

Watch his performance below and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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