Watch Alexander 23’s Artsy Video For ‘IDK You Yet’

During these trying times, it is not uncommon to feel incomplete. Alexander 23 tackles that sense of lacking something, or in this case someone, despite not knowing what or who in his latest stripped-down song ‘IDK You Yet.’ Today, he dropped the animated visual for the song to further showcase this senseless, melancholy-felt perspective.

The video brings his lyrics to almost literal form through what appears to be hand-drawn animations. This, along with his soothing vocals and the somber undertone of the song, pushes that emotional feeling to the forefront. It almost creates a near-perfect outcome: suggesting that it is sad, but it is okay to be sad.

Alexander 23 is slowly making his presence known in the indie-pop scene. If he continues to share songs that resonate so well with people, he is likely to hit a home run any moment now.

Check out the video for ‘IDK You Yet’ below.


Peter Stavros

Peter is the creator and editor of Bops And Bangers.