The Weeknd Drops Music Video For ‘Blinding Lights’ – Watch

Peter Stavros

The Weeknd released the music video for ‘Blinding Lights’ today. The song is the follow-up to ‘Heartless,’ both of which are likely to end up on his next studio album. He finds a way to tie them together even visually as the new video starts where the first single’s one ends up.

Anton Tammi returns as director of the video.

It’s been interesting to see this new era from The Weeknd. This music seems to truly connect with fans all over the world, but something just isn’t happening with his fan base here in the United States. The songs have been unable to top any of the charts, and there isn’t much excitement or hype around any of it. It’s kind of unusual considering that he has remained loyal to his sound. Maybe audiences are growing tired of that … who knows!

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