Summer Walker Makes Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ Much More Better In Remix

Peter Stavros

Justin Bieber’s comeback has been, well, underwhelming. But it looks promising on the horizon – more on that in a bit. First though, let’s praise our lord and savior Summer Walker. She is in the new remix of Bieber’s latest single ‘Yummy’ – which has been struggling to stay alive in the charts. He’s literally done everything possible to make the song happen.

This new remix makes ‘Yummy’ a little easier to digest, but not all the way. She just jumps in halfway through the song, but her vocals sound so on-point with the never-ending beat from the song. It’s like adding some spice to an inevitable plain dish, if you know what I mean.

As for it looking better, he did drop a much better track with Kehlani called ‘Get Better last week. And, a new song with Quavo will come out this week called ‘Intentions.’ So here’s to his new album Changes not being a reflection of lead single ‘Yummy.’

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