Queen angry again over Trump using their music

Peter Stavros

Queen have on-going troubles with President Trump over his use of their music. Over the weekend, Trump’s campaign used their classic ‘We Will Rock You’ in a video posted to social media service Triller – which is a platform similar to TikTok.

The band has asked for its removal citing copyright infringement, but it is still on there. And, it’s garnered over 2 million views.

“[Queen] continues to oppose and try to block usage of their songs,” the band’s spokesperson told the BBC. “It’s an uphill battle. The band has repeatedly taken issue with the Trump campaign.”

This is not the first time they go head-to-head with Trump’s campaign. At the Republican National Convention in 2016, Trump walked out to their song ‘We Are The Champions’ and the song ‘We Will Rock You’ was used on a Twitter video last year.

(Photo: Getty)

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