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Photos: Lady Gaga Performs ‘Enigma’ For AT&T’s Super Bowl Concert

Photos: Lady Gaga Performs ‘Enigma’ For AT&T’s Super Bowl Concert

Peter Stavros

As if little monsters weren’t sick and tired of this show, Lady Gaga flew down to Miami to perform a watered-down version of her Las Vegas pop show Enigma. It came with all the neon costumes, corny lines, hit songs, and even little mixed message to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez for today’s Super Bowl halftime show.

It was streamed live on Twitter thanks to AT&T for the Super Saturday Night concert ahead of Super Bowl LIV happening today in Miami. A little over 20,000 people streamed the performance on social media.

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The pop star,  who killed it during her own halftime show in 2017, performed all of her biggest hits such as ‘Just Dance,’ ‘Poker Face,’ ‘Bad Romance,’ and ‘Born This Way.’ She closed out the show with her latest smash ‘Shallow’ on the piano sans Bradley Cooper of course.

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She also performed some of her lesser-known songs such as ‘Aura’ and ‘Dance in the Dark.’ The latter, featured on her EP The Fame Monster, is one of Gaga’s most underrated songs of all time. It’s the non-single that should have definitely been a single. Her fans love the song and she seems to enjoy performing it too.

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In true Gaga style, the singer descended from the ceiling the way she does in Las Vegas and the way she did during her own Super Bowl halftime show in Houston three years ago. She sported a sparkling dress, that ugly blue hair, and her famous keytar that is as cool as it gets.

While showcasing her powerful vocals during her Born This Way track ‘You And I,’ Gaga demanded out of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira: ‘I better hear no lip-syncing tomorrow!’ Quickly realizing her not-so-subtle shade, she saved herself with a good old ‘Put your drinks up! I love you Miami! I love you J.Lo! I love you Shakira!’ Haaaaaaa!

She praised JLo and Shakira once more later on in her performance saying, ‘I wish so much love and so much luck to everyone that’s doing the halftime show and to both the teams that are playing each other in the Super Bowl. They’re all champions.’ Smart, Gaga, smart.

One thing that all little monsters – including myself – were hoping for was the debut of her upcoming single ‘Stupid Love.’ One fan even arrived with the title of the song written all over his face. At one point, during a cringe yet comical speech of the show where Gaga asks the audience to tell her to fuck herself, a fan shouted ‘Stupid Love’ and she made the most hilarious face. You can watch that in the video below.

Gaga is prepping the release of her sixth studio album which is expected later this year. The aforementioned ‘Stupid Love’ is likely to come out next week, even though the sudden leaks last week may have caused Interscope to change all the rollout plans. Regardless, us little monsters are anxiously awaiting the arrival of yet another masterpiece from mother monster.

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Earlier this week, there was even mention of a possible tour by Gaga. It’s unsure whether that would replace her Vegas show as she still has a lot of shows left in her contract. However, it’s important to note that outside of her run of Enigma and Jazz and Piano coming up this May no other shows have been announced. By now, more dates would have already been added if she was planning to do a summer run.

Whatever she decides to do, I’m here for it. I need some new Gaga in my life and so does pop music quite frankly! (Even though, Dua Lipa is lowkey saving it as we speak.)

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