Noah Cyrus Releases Apocalyptic Video For ‘The End Of Everything’

Okay, this video kind of fucked me up.

Noah Cyrus just dropped a fascinating video for her new single ‘The End Of Everything,’ which comes from her new EP of the same name. While the video in itself is just showing you the predicted transformation of the future, it will have you questioning your very own existence.

‘Problems that seemed big became small. Your pain won’t last forever. Your fears won’t last forever. Mother Earth won’t last forever. Everyone you love is gonna’ die but darlin’ so is everything, don’t cry. TIME WILL BECOME MEANINGLESS,’ Cyrus wrote about the song. ‘We have to make the most out of every last second we have together. Let’s love and let’s appreciate, especially now more than ever. I hope this video and song inspires you and reaches apart of you that is beyond explanation. Because thats all i can really say when it comes to this topic. I’m just blown away.’

It is both scary and oddly calming in a way. It gives you that perspective that you should just enjoy this live that you are living right now, but at the same time that distant thought that I feel everyone has of human existence being pointless. Ugh chills. I hate thinking about these things, but then I do like it all at the same time!

Time to go Google the meaning of life even though we all know there is no right answer.

Anyway, check out Noah Cyrus’ new music video for ‘The End Of Everything’ below! It is an Amber Mountain Studios Production directed by Melodysheep.

Peter Stavros

Peter is the creator and editor of Bops And Bangers.