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Melanie Martinez Drops Lyric Video For ‘Play Date’

Melanie Martinez Play Date Lyric Video

When a song from 2015 suddenly becomes popular because of TikTok, you better capitalize on it. Melanie Martinez is doing exactly that with ‘Play Date,’ a song from the deluxe version of her debut album Cry Baby. Who would have thought that a B-side that only appeared on the deluxe version would be so popular five years later?

Perhaps, that can be attributed to the lyrics that seem to be quite timeless resonating with today’s younger generations and their superficial relationships: ‘I don’t give a fuck about you anyways, who ever said I give a shit about you? You never share your toys or communicate, I guess I’m just a play date to you.’

I mean, that’s extraordinary songwriting as simple as it may be. That’s why it is seeing a second breath.

This has prompted The Voice alumni to put out a lyric video for this single.  It is quite a peculiar journey that involves play date toys, which are all cute and fun until they are not. Towards the end, they look beaten up, bruised, and sad – something out of a horror movie. But could you expect anything less from Martinez?

Watch it down below and continue streaming ‘Play Date.’ It’s lowkey a bop.

Peter Stavros
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Peter Stavros is the founder and editor-in-chief of Bops And Bangers. You can reach him at

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