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Madonna Cancels Two More ‘Madame X’ Tour Dates: ‘It’s A Miracle I’ve Gotten This Far’

Madame X is a lot of things, but she’s not able to do rigorous world tours anymore. Madonna is really struggling to get through this latest installment of her impressive touring career. It probably hurts her even more considering that her live performances have always been a true spectacle and a huge aspect of what’s made her arguably the greatest artist of all time.

To put things in perspective here are two important figures.

Madonna career canceled shows pre-Madame X counter: 15

Madonna canceled shows during Madame X counter: 12

Yep, the queen of pop has almost canceled as many shows in the past five months as she has in her 35+ year touring career. I recently dove deep into the question: Should Madonna Cancel Her Madame X Tour? The short answer was no, but it’s no secret that she can’t keep up anymore and she knows it.

Madonna performs at Madame X Tour.

She took to Instagram to announce that two of her upcoming Madame X Tour shows at the Palladium in London are canceled. She cites her on-going injuries as the reason why, and how minimizing the amount of continuous shows might help her get through the remainder of the tour – which as of now wraps up March 11 in Paris.

A note to my fans:

As you all know i have multiple injuries and have had to cancel shows to give myself time to recover.

So as not to surprise you i want to let you know ahead of time that I will be cancelling 2 shows- on Feb 4 and Feb 11th at the Palladium in London. because doing 3 shows in a row is too much on my body and in fact my doctors insist i take a day off after every show but i believe can manage if i do 2 shows then I rest!

Its a miracle i have gotten this far but a-lot has to do with the fact that i do 6 hours of re-hab every day.
3 hours before show and 3 after with multiple therapies.

I have also switched to flat shoes and modified difficult. parts of the show. This has helped enormously but i still need to be careful and of course rest is the best medicine.

i never want to cancel any show and Im determined that i will make it to the end if i pace myself. God Willing 🙏🏼

Refunds will be automatically issued to the credit card on which tickets were ordered.

I appreciate your understanding and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you!! Madame ❌

I really hope she gets better. But I knew she wasn’t going to simply give up and call it quits on the entire tour. She’s a fighter.

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