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Louis Tomlinson Upset Over Interview With Personal Questions About His Personal Album

In a puzzling reaction caused mostly by fan frenzy, Louis Tomlinson tweeted that he would never go back to the BBC Breakfast show. While talking about the lyrics in his new album Walls, one of the interviewers referenced his mother and sisters’ deaths. After all, he does write about that. And, in the answer to that very question, he preaches writing from the heart.

He still navigated his way with an answer, and he didn’t look visibly upset. Yet fans on Twitter were furious, and I think that’s why he decided it wasn’t right.

‘I only really know to write honestly from the heart,’ Louis replied to a question about writing personal songs. ‘I don’t really do well writing fiction. I just wrote about different stages of my life, and tried to make it as relatable as possible.’

Taking a closer look at the album (a review will be published later today), he has an entire song devoted to his mother. ‘Two Of Us’ is a beautiful promise to her with the line: ‘I’ll be living one life for the two of us.’ It seems to me like it was perfectly valid for the interviewers to ask questions related to that.

It is heartbreaking of course. But how are you going to put out such a personal album out, and not expect interviewers to ask you personal questions about the content of the album? He might as well just boycott every interview for Walls.

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You can watch the entire interview below.

Peter Stavros
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