Listen To Sia’s New Song: ‘Joe Exotic’

Just like mostly everybody has done during quarantine, it seems like Sia has indulged in the entertaining yet troubling Netflix documentary series Tiger King. Combine the guilty pleasure of watching that hot mess with being unbelievably bored at home, and you get a song dedicated to the star of the show: Joe Exotic.

Sia teamed up once again with dancer Maddie Ziegler and makeup artist Tonya Brewer for this comical piece of art. It is not even close to something you would expect from the avant-grande vocalist. In this one, Sia actually uses her rapping skills alongside Maddie and Tonya.

It’s quite interesting with lyrics such as ‘His obsession with Carole, psychotic/ Turns people gay ’cause he’s got it.’ Yep!

Watch it down below!

Peter Stavros

Peter is the creator and editor of Bops And Bangers.