Kesha’s Performance Of ‘Resentment’ Left Me Dizzy

There’s nothing cute and creative of using a 360 fisheye lens. It doesn’t make the performance better. It just messes up the viewer’s eyes. That’s what Kesha did with her performance of High Road’s third single ‘Resentment’ on The Late Late Show.

At first, I sat through it and thought ‘okay, this is weird but whatever.’ Then, the camera started to spin in a circle. That’s when I thought: ‘oh man, I’m going to throw up.’ Never for a second of the performance did I think: ‘whoa, excellent choice of camera work!’

Regardless, that’s what Kesha opted for. You could have done that in a basement for the same effect. What a waste of a late night performance quite frankly.

Shout out to Wrabel who performed with her but you probably can’t see!

Her latest album High Road is out now. It won’t make you sick like this performance I promise.

Peter Stavros

Peter is the creator and editor of Bops And Bangers.