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Kesha Loses Defamation Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke

Kesha’s entire saga with Dr. Luke has turned out to be a bigger fiasco than the Iowa Caucuses.

After she told Lady Gaga in a text message that Dr. Luke had also raped Katy Perry, the music producer decided to sue her for defamation – and he has won that case. A judge ruled today against the ‘Tik Tok’ singer and also ordered her to pay him $373,000 owed in interest from his royalties. The latter being part of Kesha breaching her contract with him – something that the judge also refused to release her from.

The text message to Lady Gaga explicitly said that Dr. Luke had raped Katy Perry. Kesha also texted Gaga that she was upset that Perry wouldn’t come forward to bring this man down once and for all. However, in her deposition, Perry denied ever being drugged or raped by Dr. Luke.

Additionally, there was no evidence to support that he ever sexually assaulted Kesha either. But that’s a separate second defamation case that will actually be decided by jury in trial. It definitely feels like the cards are stacked against Kesha though.


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