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Katy Perry Starts A New Era With ‘Daisies’


Katy Perry returns to start a new album cycle with lead single ‘Daisies.’

Following her album Witness, which was not up to par when speaking Katy Perry-standards, the singer gave fans numerous non-album singles in the span of three years.

2019 started off as a year of collaborations. She first emerged with the Zedd-assisted ‘365‘ – which didn’t do too hot despite being a decent enough pop song. Things got a little better when she was featured on the ‘Con Calma (Remix)‘ with Daddy Yankee. The song went on to be 15x platinum to date.

Later in the year, she started hinting at what could have been the beginning of a new album. ‘Never Really Over‘ was put out giving a promising new direction forward for the pop star. However, that ended up becoming simply a single of its own. Some would suggest a wasted opportunity. A lack of proper promo let it peak at only 15 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it managed to get justifiable radio play. She finally released ‘Small Talk‘ and ‘Hurleys In Hawaii‘ towards the end of the year: two songs that could have been kept away somewhere away from our ears.

This year, apart from teasing new music, she announced her pregnancy via her beautiful ballad ‘Never Worn White.’ It served its purpose; it did what it had to do.

That leads us to now. The #KP5 era. How exciting!

Here’s Katy Perry with her new song ‘Daisies,’ along with its music video. The album is due Aug. 14.

Peter Stavros
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