Jennifer Lopez Comments On Buying The Mets

Peter Stavros

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are in contention to buy the New York Mets from the Wilpon family. And in a recent episode of The Corp podcast from Barstool Sports, she talked about how great it would be to have a woman in a position of power within Major League Baseball.

“That would be so amazing,” Lopez said. “I think in every field, especially in institutions like Major League Baseball that are so American in this moment in time, it is important for diversity and it is important for women to have positions of power that they’ve earned and deserve and can contribute in a way that is just as good as any man on the planet.”

When pressed about whether or not they were landing the buy, she said she didn’t “have anything to report on that end right now.” Along with Rodriguez, they have assembled a good amount of investors to bid for the team. Their competitor is billionaire Steve Cohen – who has offered $2.6 billion. Earlier this month, Lopez and Rodriguez had offered only $1.5 billion. But now, they are trying to keep up with Cohen’s offers.

Final bids are due by Aug. 31.

(Photo: Turner)

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