Inmate Attacks R. Kelly, Singer Moved To Solitary Confinement

Peter Stavros

R. Kelly is currently in jail awaiting trial for many charges of sexual misconduct. Recent protests outside the jail asking for the singer’s release forced the jail to go into lockdown – which prevents inmates from doing their daily activities. This prompted one of them to attack R. Kelly on Wednesday afternoon.

His lawyer said that they lockdown the entire jail when these marches happen outside. The inmate that beat up Kelly was clearly upset because of this, and now Kelly is in solitary confinement for his own safety.

“When they do this, inmates don’t get their commissary, they don’t get their shower, stuff like that and since they’re fairly sporadic anyway, they get upset,” Kelly’s lawyer told the New York Post. “So they’re penalizing everyone in the facility because people are protesting in support of Kelly.”

The lawyer expressed concern over what could happen next time a lock down occurs. He fears for the safety of his client.

“I’m still very concerned because sure this time the guards were able to quickly stop something from happening but what happens if someone goes in his cell with a shank or something like that? Or the guards are busy doing something else? We were fortunate this time but who’s to say next time?”

This could become another reason for his team of lawyers to get him out of jail until the trial. They have attempted to get Kelly released by using the coronavirus as an excuse, but have been unsuccessful.

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