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Hayley Williams Just Released The Most Horrifying Music Video Ever

It’s sort of a music video, but it’s definitely not ‘sort of’ horrifying – it is horrifying!

Paramore’s Hayley Williams is doing her own solo stuff now. Last week, she shared her above average debut single ‘Simmer,’ which is all about dealing with your own inner demons. Now she shares what happens at the conclusion of the video for that song.

In ‘Simmer Interlude,’ a one-minute satanic ASMR-meets-dark-synths clip, the demonic-like figure (which I guess represents the sorrowful subjects of the former song and played by Hayley) grabs an unconscious Hayley (who is played by Hayley) and drags her into an empty room. This scary Hayley turns out to have spider senses abilities and wraps good Hayley into a spider cocoon. Ultimately, a close up reveals Hayley’s colorful eye in a rather somber scene and that wraps up the clip.

What a weird, yet super creatively fun thing to do I guess? I mean it did made me intrigued to listen to and see more of this new project from Hayley. It did make me feel uneasy, if for a second, while I sit here on this red couch in a tremendously silent room all alone. *feels spiders all over body*

The album Petals For Armor is out May 8.

Peter Stavros
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