H.E.R., Missy Elliott Make Pepsi Zero Sugar Seem Badass

Peter Stavros

On Sunday, millions of people will tune in to Super Bowl LIV to watch football, JLo’s ass, Shakira’s hips, and all the (usually) overrated commercials. I feel like over the last few years that unbelievable and unreasonable excitement to see a 30-second clip promoting chips has faded. But we are still going to watch.

Pepsi is a prominent advertiser for the big game year after year. This year they are bringing some coolness to their rather boring and terribly-tasting Pepsi Zero Sugar. For this, they have acquired two very talented ladies: H.E.R. and Missy Elliott. They are putting their own twist to the iconic Rolling Stones track ‘Paint It, Black’ since Pepsi Zero Sugar is getting a new look.

Pretty cool! You know what would be 100 times better? If we could get a studio version of this collab. I need this in my Pepsi commercials playlist.

In other Pepsi Zero Sugar + Super Bowl news, their pre-game concert party is happening this Thursday, Jan. 31. Harry Styles and Mark Ronson were originally announced as the only performers, but now Lizzo has been added too. That means we are finally getting that ‘Juice’ duet we all deserve. Talk about a special guest appearance more fun than Pitbull showing up on Sunday. Ha!

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