Gaga is going strong with Chromatica moving forward

Peter Stavros

When she’s not napping in her bugfit, she’s making the next bugfit.

Lady Gaga released her new album Chromatica when there was still a lot of uncertainty due to the coronavirus. Artists, herself included, were reluctant to do much promotional work – granted, there were less opportunities for that. But now, the media landscape seems more settled in this new norm.

With that, Gaga and her team decided to get to work. In a new interview, her stylist Nicola Formichetti revealed he’s been busy working on what’s coming next.

“I’ve been having fun working on Gaga’s new era, Chromatica,” he said. “We have been busy working on new music videos, photo shoots and performances—and that has all kept me excited and busy.”

New music videos!

The wheels are already in motion. She’s doing Gaga Radio on Apple Music every Friday and the MTV Video Music Awards next week.

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