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Ellie Goulding Recorded The Music Video For ‘Power’ On Her Own

Ellie Goulding Power

Ellie Goulding makes a statement about relationships today in her new single ‘Power.’ The music video features footage she shot by herself at home with creative direction from Imogen Snell and Riccardo Castano of ISSTUDIO.

She sings about how people are only interested in the control aspect of a relationship nowadays, and not really being in love. Those superficial, materialistic types of relationships seem to dominate the way things go today.

‘I’m not a material girl, everything in your world just feels like plastic/Wearing your crown, it’s pulling me down/You just want the power, you’re not really down for love,’ Goulding sings.

‘I wanted to release this song off my upcoming album as a preview into the world my new album is in! ‘Power’ is about relationships in the 21st century, how they can now be dictated by social media, superficiality and material things,” Goulding said in a statement. ‘Dating can sometimes start out with lies or embellishments. The girl in the song is disillusioned by love and the cruel, good looking, self-obsessed people she keeps ending up with.’

‘Power’ is the second single from her upcoming album.

Check it out below.

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