David Dobrik Tells Story Of Justin Bieber Tickle Incident At Club On ‘Fallon’

Peter Stavros

YouTube star David Dobrik made his late night appearance debut last night on The Tonight Show. Apart from talking about his famous web videos and the many fun things he does with his friends, he also told Jimmy Fallon a rather funny and weird story about the day he met Justin Bieber at a nightclub. More specifically, how at some point Bieber comes up to him and tickles him while saying ‘tickle, tickle.’ Ha!

In one of his most recent vlogs, Dobrik surprised UCLA students with Bieber. This is a bit he has done quite a few times on his channel now – one time he even had Kylie Jenner show up to do the same thing.

Earlier on his appearance on Fallon, David takes part in a game of charades alongside the host, The Roots member Tariq, and legendary comedian and actor Martin Short. It’s safe to say that despite winning the game, Dobrik’s charades skills are a total flop.

Watch it below!

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