BOP: Aly & AJ Have Us Dancing With ‘Joan Of Arc On The Dance Floor’

Peter Stavros

It does not matter that we are all staying at home as much as possible, we can still take time to dance. Aly & AJ have really been treating us ever since their proper comeback in 2017 with single after single and two EPs. This time around, they are giving us some dance-pop realness in the form of ‘Joan Of Arc On The Dance Floor.’

At first, you might think that this song is heading in a completely different direction. It starts with more sentimental lyrics: ‘People pass by, always onto the next with a dead heart, yeah, they’re full of regret. They got sad eyes, empty promises.’

But the song hits a major climax right at the beginning when they firmly state: ‘We don’t need ’em.’ Then the synths come in, and if you are like us, you lose your mind. Ha!

Check out their new single ‘Joan Of Arc On The Dance Floor’ below!

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