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Billie Eilish Is Surprisingly Performing At The Oscars


Want to know how great Billie Eilish is? The Academy Awards just asked her to perform at the Oscars without any ties to any movies. Unless she is part of something film-related, this is a rather unprecedented move. Musical performances have never been a huge part of the Oscars until recently, and are usually reserved for Best Original Song nominees.

But let’s face it, these award shows while important are also television shows first and foremost. The Academy wants people tuning in to their broadcast. Having the biggest artist in the world – who just swept the Grammy Awards’ big four categories while pissing off every Ariana Grande stan on Twitter – is a no brainer. Plus, she’s probably going to win Best Picture and Best Leading Actor and Actress and Best Cinematography and a few other dozen awards.

Therefore, she is performing there on Feb. 9. No word on what she will do though but it is being billed as a ‘special performance.’ The logical only guess is that she is premiering her new James Bond theme.

Watch her Grammy Awards performance below.

Peter Stavros
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