Alicia Keys Performs New Encouraging Song ‘Good Job’

Alicia Keys has a new song out called ‘Good Job,’ which serves as the second single from her upcoming album ALICIA. While the studio version is available now, Keys premiered the song with a special performance on CNN as the song resonates well during these trying times.

‘Youโ€™re doing a good job, donโ€™t get too down, the world needs you now, know that you matter,’ Keys sings in the chorus of what is a very encouraging song about not giving up. Images of the good things coming out of this pandemic – such as healthcare workers fighting to keep people alive and just people in general taking care of one another – were shown during her debut performance of the song.

With this song following-up the also motivational anthem ‘Underdog,’ it’s even more clear what route Alicia is taking on her upcoming album. It was due March 20, but has been delayed indefinitely because of the coronavirus.

Catch the studio version of the song below.

Peter Stavros

Peter is the creator and editor of Bops And Bangers.