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President Trump, Cher Find Common Ground On Immigration




Well … sort of.

The ultimate opportunist and President of the United States Donald Trump saw a tweet from Cher which with he agreed, so he immediately replied to let it be known that they were on the same page. This is ironic considering that Cher has been one of the most vocal people against Trump, especially on social media.

It started with Cher tweeting, ‘I understand helping struggling immigrants, but my city (Los Angeles) isn’t taking care of its own. What about the 50,000+ citizens who live on the streets. People who live below poverty line and hungry? If my state can’t take care of its own (many are vets), how can it take care of more?’

Trump immediately took a screenshot of that tweet and added the caption ‘I finally agree with Cher!’

Check out the tweet below.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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