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Big Sean In The Friendzone With Ariana Grande




Rumors about Ariana Grande and Big Sean getting back together were rampant after they hung out a few weeks ago. But it is important to note that she was hanging out with all her ex’s, not just him. There is just something about what she has said about Sean that prompted fans to start speculating.

But let’s set the record straight: they are not dating.

‘Ariana is focused on herself right now,” a source close to Grande tells ‘She is not interested in having a boyfriend. She’s also not interested in going backwards, she has a lot of love for Sean and appreciates him as a person.’

‘It’s dumb to her that it was such a big deal that she hung out with Sean again, it was not any kind of sign they are getting back together. She loves that they can be friends now and all the bad feelings are in the past.’

I think it’s fine when ex’s remain friends if they can keep it as amicable and platonic as possible. The only way for that to work is that neither party will have any feelings whatsoever. Otherwise, it is probably just best to mutually realize that it is best to part ways and not be in each other’s lives anymore.

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