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Watch TLC’s Chilli Join Weezer At Coachella To Perform ‘No Scrubs’




Weezer’s set last night was mostly composed of their own material, but they also did some covers from their Teal Album. Not only did they did their now popular cover of Toto’s ‘Africa,’ but they also did their TLC cover of ‘No Scrubs.’ However for that final song, they were joined by the legendary girl duo’s Chilli.

It was a nice little guest appearance, but it didn’t quite get the pop they wanted with the crowd. And, that’s understandable. We are getting to the point where maybe we are not too keen on seeing Weezer at festivals anymore. Plus, they went on right before Billie Eilish which probably meant that a lot of the audience there was waiting for her.

Check it out below.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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