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Madonna Teases New Music As Alter-Ego ‘Madame X’




UPDATE – April 14, 2019 at 2:50 PM EST

Madonna has finally revealed what this is all about. The queen of pop posted the following video on her socials revealing that Madame X is in fact the name of her new album, and that of some kind of alter ego!

Our heart palpitations have been beyond unhealthy this whole week thanks to the queen of pop!

Madonna has been slowly teasing something ~ something ~ which we believe to be new music on social media. It all started with the slow revelation of a massive red X on her Instagram page (as seen below). She then slowly revealed the script below without the Madame X part, which she just posted today.

Fans were going insane!


Before she properly revealed the Madame X part of the script, fans were already on it. Our favorite Madonna fan site,, pointed out that a fan had uncovered the entire mystery – especially by looking at the first letter of every song on a short, 6-song playlist uploaded to Spotify on the Madonna page. It spells out MADAME.

On top of that, the playlist is titled #magic – which is believed to be the name of Madonna’s upcoming album.



This all makes sense. The coolest part is that Madonna looks like she is taking on this entirely cool persona for this new era. Good stuff, good stuff!

Even more exciting is the fact that new music will be here sooner than later. Earlier this week, Live Nation revealed that Madonna was taking the stage at the massively popular Eurovision festival in Tel Aviv on May 18 – where she will perform one of her hits as well as a new song from her upcoming album.

YAS! YAS! YAS! We cannot wait.

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