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Britney Spears Proves Why Vocals Don’t Matter




Britney Spears is not a singer by any definitions of the word. At least, she is not anymore.

To sing is to make musical sounds with your voice. Spears has not done this in a very long time with one singular, rare exception in 2017 when she covered Bonnie Rait’s ‘Something To Talk About’ during her residency show in Las Vegas. Even then, it was something to talk about … as it wasn’t very good.

Ever since her very public meltdown in 2007-2008, Brit has been in a very interesting comeback of sorts. To her fans, it has been the second coming of Christ. To everyone else (or us casual fans), it really just is rooting for a troubled underdog. Loving Britney is not hard. She was at some point America’s sweetheart. As a society, we have moved from hating on everything and everyone to being more politically correct and positive – at least that’s what we like to think. So, wanting her to succeed is a given.

She has released massive radio-friendly singles since that troubled time period ~ ‘Gimme More,’ ‘Piece of Me,’ ‘Womanizer,’ ‘If You Seek Amy,’ ‘Til The World Ends’ ~ and made a career-saving move by choosing Las Vegas after two quite successful world tours for Circus and Femme Fatale. Such a popular move that many pop artists followed suit.

Right now, unfortunately, she is dealing with the illness of her father. This is not about that and we do wish her the best. We are, once again, rooting for her.

Getting real about things changes everything though. She is living proof that you don’t need to be a singer to be successful in the singing industry. Isn’t that wild? She gets a free pass. No one cares. It’s kind of disappointing. Lip syncing used to be a huge deal and now it isn’t anymore.

She is a decent live performer. Note: decent. She’s not even out-of-this-world amazing, which makes the lip syncing pass even more puzzling. Right now, she has reached a place of great energy in her choreography and better stage presence than even just a short as six or seven years ago. Her dancing was so lazy during the Femme Fatale Tour, and even worse during The Circus Tour. This ‘comeback’ has been a steady, yet slow steep slope up. She was delivering top-notch performances (in Britney standards) during the last few Piece Of Me shows, almost as good as her younger days.

The fact that she is being praised for her shows (cue these reviews from her last tour: Britney Spears review – a pop survivor, still in the zone and Piece Of Me Celebrates Britney Spears’ Songs, Not Her Singing) says a lot. However, that latter one tells it like it is: music fans are okay with you not singing even if you are a singer.

It’s amazing that we are okay with this. We have really accepted it. We are just happy that those songs exist, she can turn them on at any venue around the world, and we can all pretend that she is singing them.

It’s amazing.

What bothers us the most is that her stans on Twitter get so defensive when anyone even mentions that she doesn’t sing. Why even pretend? She doesn’t sing. They swear that she is singing ‘a little bit.’ Ha! That’s not enough. Then, they get upset when people tell them to not compare her to any of the other female pop stars … who, you know … do sing.

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