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NOT A DRILL – Adele And Taylor Swift Are Recording Together




breathing heavily.

Adele and Taylor Swift are reportedly recording together in New York City. Apart from working on the follow-up to her huge album 25, Adele was spotted spending time at Swift’s penthouse in the big apple. Not only that, her recording equipment was also taken inside where magic may have happened.

This would be an interesting collaboration, no doubt. Both artists are beloved by many and in a tier where no one else can be – selling millions of albums without streaming in opening weeks and selling out stadiums. However, their music and vocals are extremely different.

It’s hard to picture Swift trading vocals with Adele. It just wouldn’t make sense, ha! But who knows, maybe they can work something out. Maybe, Adele can throw it down a notch to be fair for Swift.

Whatever comes out of this will likely be amazing.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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