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Dua Lipa On Wendy Williams Name Mess ‘I Don’t Watch Her’




About ten months ago, Wendy Williams was discussing Dua Lipa on her show and mispronounced her name by saying ‘Doola Peep.’ This had fans going off online like crazy, but to the British songstress it isn’t that big of a deal.

On her Elle cover story, Lipa said, ‘I found it funny. Even my friends started calling me Doola Peep. I’ve learned to correct people about my name my whole life. So I’m like, Call me whatever you want. You’ll learn it soon enough, babes.I don’t watch Wendy Williams, so it was my first time experiencing anything to do with her show. I was like, Who is this woman? I try to take things like that super-lightly. You can’t take yourself too seriously, because you can get yourself into a right mess.’

It’s kind of funny that people see it as such a big scandal in Lipa’s career. It’s just a little mispronunciation and it wasn’t ill-willed from Williams. Plus, Dua Lipa’s name isn’t the easiest. But if she keeps putting out bops, it won’t be hard for people to not know how to pronounce her name!

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