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Alessia Cara Watches Couples Break Up In ‘Out Of Love’ Video




It’s super sad! 💔

Alessia Cara’s latest music video is for her latest The Pains Of Growing single ‘Out Of Love.’ In the clip, she is seen witnessing the heartbreaking moments when couples start losing those feelings for each other and nearing the end of their relationships. It sets a very somber mood suitable for the song’s lyrics and melody.

After a fan on Twitter asked her about the inspiration behind the video, she replied with, ‘Because I didn’t write this song about me I wanted the video to portray being a bystander to other people’s stories.’

That is definitely the case. She even laughed about it saying that she was basically third-wheeling every couple in the video. But hey Alessia, third-wheeling usually happens when you’re out and about somewhere fun … not when those emotions are fading. *sad face*

Watch it below.

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