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The Killers Perform Political Song ‘Land Of The Free’ On ‘Kimmel’




The Killers are joining the wave of artists putting out purposeful music. Earlier this year, they put out ‘Land Of The Free’ – a song that takes aim at the many problems this country is facing from gun violence to racism to bad treatment of immigrants. It is definitely taking shots at the Trump Administration, but just government in general.

Brandon Flowers and company appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show live from their hometown of Las Vegas to perform this song. They were accompanied by a powerful backdrop video and a gospel choir during their performance. They both joined forces to sing this emotive song with lyrics such as the following:

‘How many daughters? Tell me how many sons, do we have to put in the ground before we just break down and face it? We’ve got a problem with guns. Down in the border, they’re going to put up a wall. Concrete and Rebar Steel beams, high enough to keep all those filthy hands off … of our hopes and our dreams. People who just want the same things we do in the land of the free.’

Check it out below!

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