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Review: P!nk Delivers Exciting, Powerful ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Show In San Antonio




There are few pop shows that are able to keep a high-energy, eye-catching momentum throughout their entirety. Pink’s present outing in support of her album Beautiful Trauma is a flawless example of that. It is a tremendously good production full of ambitious song arrangements, on-point vocals, high-flying acrobatics, fun choreographies, intense costume and set designs, influential interludes, and just a captivating stage presence. The sold-out crowd for the tour’s 100th show in San Antonio last night got to see all of that!

The clear thing that distinguishes Pink from other artists is her now well-known aerials. While it might be anticipated that she is going to catch some air during her performances, it is still as jaw-dropping and striking as ever. She has found ways to mix it up by incorporating those circus-like maneuvers with different props and choreographies.

She wasn’t just flying around the entire arena during ‘So What’ but she was also suspended high above the stage on a bed during her new single ‘Walk Me Home’ and spinning in endless circles on straps during ‘Raise Your Glass.’ Not to mention one of the best openings to any shows ever as she flew around a chandelier with pyro and heaving dancing on ‘Get The Party Started.’

The stage set-up design, interludes, and costumes also added a lot to theming of the show. The main stage extended onto the floor with catwalks in the shape of a heart separating the pit into two with a catwalk that had a treadmill-like moving floor for even more cool feats. A raunchy, yet hilarious video taking the audience to a theme park where you can literally kill your annoying significant other called Revenge Land before her Eminem collab ‘Revenge’ had everyone laughing and in shock. A more sentimental and heartwarming moment came during a transcription of Pink’s acceptance speech during the VMAs in 2017 (watch below) where she tells an anecdote of her daughter saying she was the ugliest person in the world and Pink quickly shutting it down.

Additionally, the costumes brought the theatrics to life. During ‘Beautiful Trauma,’ Pink journeyed around the stage on moving light posts while a forest setting with trees and lanterns filled the stage during her 2013 hit ‘Try.’

The highlight of the show, however, came right in the middle of the show. An emotional video full of powerful messages about everything we are experiencing in this world such as gun problems, the #MeToo movement, gay marriage, oppression, etc. and Pink not giving up with all these issues introduced an incredible performance of her single ‘What About Us.’ The atmosphere in the room as soon as the song came to an end was chilling with many wiping tears from their faces after that resilient performance.

With such a massive catalogue under her belt, it was important for Pink to balance the old with the new during her 90-minute set. She was able to mix in oldies but goodies such as ‘Just Like A Pill’ and ‘Who Knew’ with newer cuts such as ‘Secrets’ and ‘Barbies’ as well as her bigger hits like ‘Fuckin’ Perfect’ and ‘Glitter In The Air.’ She even covered Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and fused Gwen Stefani’s ‘Just A Girl’ jam with her own ‘Funhouse.’ It was just a spectacular and well thought-out setlist.

It’s interesting when you go to a show where an artist is doing minimal movements and basically just standing on stage and they still manage to add backing tracks and maybe completely pre-recorded vocals. Unlike those artists (you know who they are, ha!), Pink clearly sings almost every single note. It doesn’t matter if she is just sitting down during the acoustic moments of her show or flying around over the crowd in circles, her vocals were as clear as can be! Pair that up with the fact that she is one of the most charismatic, relatable, and just plain old funny celebs ever and you get 14,000-plus that have been won over. She is able to get that massive show and still make it somewhat intimate at times. It’s unbelievable.

It’s so refreshing that there are acts like Pink doing what she is doing every other night out there. She is truly embracing technology and immersing herself in the many things that someone is able to do on a stage. There is no one putting on the kind of shows that Pink is, and it is so praise-worthy to see that she was able to find that originality and showmanship for a pop singer. Go see the Beautiful Trauma Tour – there are still plenty of dates on the itinerary before she heads to Europe.

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