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Lauv, Troye Sivan Release New Version Of ‘i’m so tired…’




Lauv and Troye Sivan released a complete bop in ‘i’m so tired…’ in late January. When they were working on the song, they had originally planned a cool bridge that they ultimately took off the song when it came out. However, they had used that bridge of the song as a teaser to fans on an Instagram live a while back – and the fans did not forget.

When the song came out, they pleaded them to release the song with the old scrapped bridge. Well now, they have put out a stripped-back live version with that bridge and it is chilling in the best way possible.

These two really now how to add feeling as they trade vocals seemingly effortlessly. It’s quite an amazing thing to see and hear. This version might be better than the original one! Lauv even tweeted, ‘”me n @troyesivan shot a stripped version of i’m so tired & included the bridge THE ORIGINAL IS SHAKING.”

Check it out below.

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