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Katy Perry & Zedd Drop New Song, Music Video ‘365’




Katy Perry and Zedd have teamed up for one interesting yet pretty good collaboration. ‘365’ is a perfect song to drop on Valentine’s Day – full of a lot of affection, love, a date, unrequited love, obsession, and fake emotions – just like in real life, huh? Ha!

In the Warren Fu-directed music video, Perry plays an obsessive and extremely loving robot that some scientists produced. Their job was to see if they could make this robot fall in love with a real human, played by Zedd. And well, it doesn’t necessarily turned out quite as they hoped.

What I find interesting in this new song is that Perry seems to have maintained that persona from her Witness era – which she admitted was a rather interesting time in her career. To some, she became quite irrelevant and in need of some reinvention. Of course, this one-off song seems to be a standalone single and it’s more fun than anything.

Check out the new song and music video below!

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