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Simon Cowell Cancels The X-Factor After 15 Years




The show that brought to light the likes of One Direction, Little Mix, and Leona Lewis is coming to an end this year.

Simon Cowell is canceling The X-Factor after a 15 year run in the UK. The show has been subject to low ratings for the past couple of years and mixing up the format or replacing judges hasn’t been beneficial. The public will no longer be able to audition for the show as of this year.

However, the show itself is going to undergo a massive revamp. And by massive, I mean celebrity massive. Cowell and ITV are going to attempt to make the show celebrity-based. That means that the participants will be non-singing celebrities that may have hidden musical talents. This is all being done in an attempt to recover the show and eventually return it to its normal format in 2020.

It will be interesting to see if this bodes well with the audiences. I think that they should try it, and if it is successful, they should do one year of celebrities and one year of normal folks. This would keep the show fresh and give everyone something different to enjoy. Having the same exact thing every year is getting uninteresting.

This will be a big challenge, but it is admirable to see ITV ready to try it out. They could have easily just trashed the entire show completely.

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