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GRAMMYs Say Drake Was Not Cut Off During Acceptance Speech




For anyone watching the Grammy Awards last night, it seemed almost obvious that Drake’s microphone had been cut off during his acceptance speech. I thought it was so very much a thing that I was happy about it – after all, he was just rambling about how awards are basically not important. But, it turns out that he was not cut off and happy with the speech he gave on stage.

‘Drake took a natural pause in his speech, which led producers to believe he was finished so they went to commercial,’ a source close to the show said. ‘Since it seemed as if he had more to say, Grammy producers spoke with Drake immediately following his acceptance speech and offered him the opportunity to complete his speech. Drake stated that he was actually finished with his speech and happy.’

This is interesting considering that Drake also took to Instagram afterwards to caption a photo with ‘Too raw for TV.’ However, it is clear that he is happy about his win because he later posted a photo of himself holding his award on stage with the caption, ‘Chromin Gold for the 6.’ These artists are so hypocritical it makes me laugh.

But hey, at least he got to say what he wanted to!

Drake won Best Rap Song for ‘God’s Plan.’

(Photo: Instagram)

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