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Maroon 5’s PJ Morton ‘We’re Blocking Out The Noise’ Surrounding The Super Bowl




Controversy is almost an understatement when describing the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. It is being talked about more than the actual game. And while it might seem like a huge cloud of Maroon 5 – this year’s halftime performers – they are not going to let it interfere with giving the best show they can possibly give.

Their keyboard player, PJ Morton, suggests that they can be aware and supportive of the controversy at hand while still going out there and putting on a good show.

‘We’re not focusing on the negative now,’ Morton said. ‘We’re definitely not focusing on the things that don’t help, that are counter-productive. We’re just doing what we do.’

It all comes down to the Colin Kaepernick situation. His kneeling during the National Anthem prompted him to lose work with any team at the NFL. Artists and players alike have come to his defense. For instance, Rihanna decided to turn down the show before it was offered to Maroon 5. To the band’s misfortune, Cardi B has opted not to join them despite having collaborated on one of the biggest songs of 2018 ‘Girls Like You.’

To clean up that mess, the NFL was able to secure Travis Scott and Big Boi to join Maroon 5 during their halftime show in Atlanta on Feb. 3. All three acts continue to defend their decision to perform at the biggest sporting event of the year.

‘We can support being against police brutality against black and brown people and be in support of being able to peacefully protest and still do our jobs,’ Morton said. ‘We just want to have a good time and entertain people while understanding the important issues that are at hand.’

When asked whether or not they would make a statement during their performance, Morton simply said ‘we’ll see.’

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