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Colin Kaepernick Respects Travis Scott’s Choice To Do Super Bowl




Rihanna and Cardi B declined to do the Super Bowl halftime show this year because of their support for Colin Kaepernick. Travis Scott and Big Boi will be joining Maroon 5 in Atlanta next month. And while Kaepernick wasn’t thrilled at the idea of Scott performing at the halftime show, he respected his decision.

The football player and the rapper spoke over the telephone about the halftime show. The latter is eager to perform given the huge platform those 12 minutes provide along with the money going to the charity Dream Corps. Kaepernick felt that completely boycotting was the better move but respects and understands why Scott wants to perform.

Many fans are furious that Scott along with Big Boi and Maroon 5 have opted to remain part of the halftime show. However, I think this is the right move. There is a huge opportunity to truly create a statement that millions will watch across the world. This could be a good opportunity for all three performers to emerge heroes. I believe that they should take a stance regarding the whole Kaepernick situation and take a knee at the end of their performance.

It’s like beating the NFL at their own game. Plus, it would surely prompt President Donald Trump to fire off on Twitter the next morning.

Kaepernick has not played football in almost three years since he decided to take a knee during the National Anthem before the games to protest black inequality and police brutality. The NFL treated this problem in a negative way, which lead to the player to not be able to find a team to play for. This has outraged many in the last couple of years.

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