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Ariana Grande Craves A Simple Relationship In ‘imagine’




Ariana Grande just premiered the follow-up to the mega smash hit (yet overrated) ‘thank u, next.’ This new track is called ‘imagine’ and basically explores the idea of a bubbly, happy relationship as she asks the assumingly possible boyfriend ‘why can’t you imagine a world like that?’

Right, Ariana?! I feel ya girl.

It’s been confirmed that ‘imagine’ will be part of her upcoming album, thank u, next, which is due early next year before her Sweetener World Tour – which she just extended – kicks off. The song is very relaxed musically, with a kind of dark yet subtle undertone. It’s weird. It’s gonna take a while for people to like it, I think.

But people like anything nowadays, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Listen to ‘Imagine’ below.

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