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Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith Were Originally Going To Do The ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake




Perhaps, it would have been an entirely different concept!

Jennifer Lopez is doing press junkets for the upcoming release of her latest movie Second Act. The singer sat down with Extra for an interview about the film. But the first topic was not this particular film. It was the most buzzed-about movie of the year – A Star Is Born.

And, Lopez made an interesting revelation.

The singer said that Will Smith and herself were going to do the remake of the legendary film, but it never ended up happening.

‘Will and I talked about it. Talked about developing the script,’ Lopez said. ‘It just never took off. You know, projects are like that.’

The ‘On The Floor’ hitmaker quickly moved on to praise the work that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had done with the remake of the film that they eventually ended up doing.

‘I’m really proud of Bradley. One for directing his first film and doing it. We’re friends,’ she said. ‘And watching Gaga kind of do her thing in the movie. It’s just great. It was perfect. It happened.’

And J-Lo, we definitely agree! Ha!

But I do wonder what that movie would have been like. I can see Will and J-Lo taking a more urban/hip-hop approach to it. It would have been cool to see.

Second Act, the movie Jennifer stars in, is out Dec. 21.

Watch her interview with Extra below.

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