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Cardi B Broke Up With Offset For Cheating, Mistress Speaks Out



In what was rather a shocking revelation, Cardi B told the world on her Instagram account that her and baby-daddy Offset were no more a few days ago. While she assures that the split from her husband was amicable, it seems like the wounds of love come from a third party being involved. Apparently, Offset was cheating on the ‘I Like It’ hitmaker.

The mistress, Summer Bunni, has come out to apologize to Cardi B. She insists that she has not been involved with him since they had their baby Kulture in July; she also says that she was not aware of how serious the marriage was. Gurl what?!

It’s funny to see her so apologetic. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that agrees that marriages are serious, period. It’s not like they were just casually dating. Bunni looks pretty stupid coming out saying these things. She should have just apologized and left at that. Perhaps a few seconds of fame do well for her too.

The scandal comes after text messages between him and Bunni came to light a day ago – in which he implies he wants to have a threesome with her and some other woman.


Yikes! I’m glad Cardi B has decided to part ways with him. This wasn’t the first time he was being accused of cheating. Once a cheater, always a cheater!

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