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Tamar Braxton Releases A Music Video For Her 2013 Song ‘Pieces’




Tamar Braxton keeps putting out videos for those B-side songs that are good, but never got the single or visual treatment. This time, she taps back into her 2013 Love And War’s ‘Pieces’ – a song about a breakup.

While the singer keeps putting out videos for old stuff, some people are wondering why. After all, she has not put out any new material since Bluebird of Happiness, the album she released a little over a year ago. But, she insists she is working on new stuff and this is for her fans.

That’s good. I wish some of my faves (ahem, Lady Gaga) would do that too with their old stuff. Little Monsters, imagine a video for ‘Boys Boys Boys’ or ‘Scheisse!’

Anyway, check out Ms. Braxton’s latest short film below.

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