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Lady Gaga, Katy Perry Make Up While Addressing ‘Mean’ Texts




Two of the biggest pop stars in the world have been dragged into the Kesha versus Dr. Luke mess that has ensued following some tumultuous legal battles – including rape allegations. It all comes down to Lady Gaga’s messages to Kesha during the peak of the entire situation, in which they go after Katy Perry – calling her ‘mean’ and saying she ‘pisses her off’ all the time.

The text messages were made public Friday in court, and immediately after Gaga took to Twitter to make it clear that her and Perry are friendly today.

‘We’ve gone through both celebrations and differences with each other,’ Gaga tweeted. ‘We’ve matured, gotten over the past, love each other, and share deep respect. Katy is my friend is truly a kind soul.’

To which Katy, as you can see below, responded, ‘Love you too friend. Onward and upward.’

In the text messages, Kesha implies that Dr. Luke had also raped Perry. That is something that Perry has always denied. In her deposition, she said she ‘felt pressured’ to support Kesha and said Dr. Luke was not a ‘rapist.’ 

But back to those messages – Gaga sent the following to Kesha: ‘She is probably really afraid to lose everything. U are really strong standing up to him, she’s not as strong as you yet.’ Gaga asked if Kesha wanted her to talk to Katy on her behalf, to which Kesha asked if they were friends. Gaga quickly said, ‘NO. Omg NO. She makes me angry about shit. I just try to have empathy for her.’

Yikes! At least we know that Gaga was trying her to do good in this terrible situation, but you never know when text messages might see the light of day so be careful. Good to know they are both good tho!

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