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Kid Rock Calls Joy Behar A ‘Bitch,’ And She Responds




Kid Rock appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and was asked about the current political climate. He started preaching about how divided this country is and how we all need to get along, just to finish it with a cheap shot towards The View’s Joy Behar.

‘I would say love everybody … except I’d say screw that Joy Behar bitch. Everybody but that!”

Huh? A little hypocritical.

However, it seemed like Behar didn’t want to give it too much attention. The topic was brought up during The View a few hours later, and she simply said that she would gladly talk to Kid Rock about it if he showed up to the talk show to meet with that ‘bitch and these bitches’ as Behar put it – obviously talking about the rest of the ladies on the panel.

To me, it seemed like Meghan McCain had more issue with Rock saying those words about Behar. But, Behar, remained unbothered – which also seemed to bother McCain.

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