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Exclusive: Britney Spears Upset Over Fans Meet & Greet Backlash




Ever since Britney Spears kicked off her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas in 2015, she has offered a meet and greet package for fans. It costs around $2,000 to meet the pop star. However, fans have complained about the lack of interaction in these meet and greets. 

Spears continued these meet and greets while touring with the same show this summer in Europe. Fans have been complaining about how the whole ordeal lasts very few seconds and how they are not allowed to hug or even put their arms around Britney during meet and greets. If you look at photos of these meet and greets online, you can notice that the fans and Britney are always away from each other with their hands away from each other. It looks ridiculous and awkward.

This is pissing fans off. For instance, watch this fan’s reaction to a very awful experience she had during a meet and greet.

After this video started trending a few weeks ago, Britney’s team became aware of it. A source close to the singer revealed to us that Britney was upset that fans were complaining about the meet and greets.

‘She is very upset that fans are posting about their experiences meeting her,’ the source said. ‘She realizes that she is making a lot of money off of these things, but thinks that they are still getting to say hi and get the photo taken with her.’

Regardless, fans have been selling out these outrageously priced meet and greets at every Vegas show and tour stops. That is not stopping them from meeting her. 

‘It’s kind of like you know what you are getting, so don’t complain about it when it doesn’t go your way,’ the source continued. ‘If you don’t like it, then don’t come.’

I personally would never pay so much money to meet someone that can’t even take a decent photo. There are way nicer (dare I even say, more famous and talented too) celebrities out there doing meet and greets for well below the price that Brit is asking for.

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